About Us

Alhaneen Theatre … we are inspired by the past, we challenge the present, and we yearn for the future

Since the 1950s and until the 1970s, our society witnessed an active and rich theatrical activity that attracted an audience of different classes and categories, who found it to be a classy, and a high-value, breathing space.


During those years, there were no grand institutions to support art and artists, nor was there a ministry, or a state department, that would provide considerable budgets.


Most actors, directors, technicians, and designers, who were fans and amateurs of art, and who were driven by creativity, passion, and teamwork, were not graduates of prestigious universities and institutes, and fame was not part of their dreams.

It was art for the sake of art, for the sake of providing something beautiful for their society, for the sake of expressing themselves and their great love for the state, for constant innovation, and creativity.

Today, in this rapidly-changing world, we sometimes lose the ability to absorb; a world with advanced technology, controlled by fast communication, where theaters are empty most of the time.

Dream and vision

To live in a society that enjoys a rich, open, and diverse cultural life. A society that incubates and supports art and artists, that makes us feel that we belong, and that gives us hope and pride.

Alhaneen’s mission

To be a safe home, and an open platform for art and creative artists, and work on internalizing the values of culture and art among the community, by facilitating the availability of artistic and theatrical events, out of our belief in the ability of art in general, and theater in particular, to lift up the society to become better while preserving the cultural heritage and collective memory.

Our goals

To build a qualitative theater, that is modern and renewable, and that keeps pace with the rapid change in our society and the world.

To create a safe and supportive space for professional artists, and to encourage talented actors to dedicate themselves almost full-time to work and rehearsals, and to continuously renew their techniques, culture, and flexibility, to reach what is beyond the script by creating job opportunities, and implementing training programs that support them artistically.

To make our art production available for the public, and to reach people, wherever they are, especially in remote areas.

To internalize the values of culture and art among the audience, and to strive to create a culture of consuming art and theater.

Our story

Alhaneen theater was founded in 2001 by the actor Lotof Nowayser and a group of people who were passionate about art and theater, and who believe that culture is vital for the advancement of society.

At first, the theater moved around and operated in several places, until it moved to its current location, which was a neglected carpentry workshop back then, and Noisir was able, by putting tremendous efforts and with the support of friends and artists, to restore the place and build a platform and the current theater hall.

In 2021, the theater’s lobby was opened to add extra space for holding cultural events and to constitute a beautiful place for the audience to meet.

During its journey, Alhaneen theater has produced so far more than sixty plays, that were performed for tens of thousands of children and adults all over the country.

The theater also organizes many different artistic events to enrich cultural work within its vision and goals, in addition to allowing various theatrical and artistic groups to use its location for rehearsing and performing their plays.

Need and opportunity

The Arab community in this country has been suffering for decades from negative discrimination when it comes to providing governmental support resources, for almost everything, especially in the culture and art areas, and also from the lack of suitable locations and theaters for art shows; which includes theaters, art galleries, museums … etc.

In addition to reducing the budgets allocated for all art classes and education in schools, which led to a significant shortage of artistic and cultural knowledge in general, created a lack of interest in cultural production, and led directly to a decline in the consumption of an elegant and rich culture of entertainment.

We believe that our society is full of people who have talents and abilities that need to be discovered and to be given proper opportunities and the right professional support, for them to develop artistically and cognitively.

Art and culture are always the best, and most powerful, ways to face violence and marginalization.

Alhaneen’s strategy

Qualitative theater production for all members of society, children, young people, and adults.

To develop artistic capabilities and talents.

To enhance the artistic knowledge of professional artists and various theater staff, especially mastering the Arabic language.

To network and cooperate with other art institutions, to organize joint programs, and also to provide the theater’s space for others.

To take the initiative to organize various art and cultural events and programs that are open to all audiences.

Alhaneen’s projects

Alhaneen’s touring theater

In Alhaneen’s truck, we travel from town to town, with our acting crew and technicians, equipped with all the necessary equipment and technologies a theatrical performance needs, to perform our theatrical production in front of the audience, especially children, in every corner of the country, where we reach hundreds of annual performances in front of thousands of students and public audience.

Master Class program at Alhaneen

An intensive theater workshop that extends for two days or more at a time, which aims to enhance the capabilities and knowledge of professional actors, in various theatrical fields, especially their knowledge of Arabic, motion, acting in front of the camera, developing script, building a personal story, plus new and advanced theater techniques.

A theater school named after Lotof Nowayser

In a society where Arab schools don’t have a special curriculum, or classes, dedicated to teaching theater, we decided, at Alhaneen theater, to establish a theater school and develop a curriculum for theater and circus training for children from the age of five and for the youth to grow the love of theater in their hearts and to enhance and develop their capabilities. We are also working with people aged 30 and above, who loved theater and possessed talent, yet life led them to work in a different profession. Alhaneen takes the initiative to train trainers, and professional actors, so that they would be, as a team, capable of working with different age groups and conducting workshops in theater techniques of all kinds. Education takes place at the theater, and we also give courses in different schools, including private education schools.

Alhaneen’s strategy